Kathy Andrews Interiors Multifamily Interior Design Domain Memorial Leasing and Amenity Centers Club Room 2

National Association of Home Builders selects KAI Multifamily Project as a Winner of a 2018 Best in American Living Award

We are pleased to announce Domain Memorial has won a 2018 Best in American Living Award!

Category 21: Development up to 3 Stories, For Rent

Judging is conducted by eight industry experts, including builders, architects, designers, and land planners, from across the country. Judges may select winners in any or all categories, and judges may award more than one of each award per category in the event of a tie. Awards may not be given in a category if the entries submitted do not meet the quality requirements.

Multifamily Criteria:

  • Exterior design and curb appeal (materials, colors, façade design, landscaping, etc.)
  • Interior design and interior architecture
  • Site plans (effective and efficient land use, site plan creativity, etc.)
  • Unit plans (effective use of space, fits target market needs, etc.)
  • Building plans (overall use of space and flow, etc.)
  • Amenities
  • Judges’ discretionary (creative and innovative material application, challenging site limitations, ability to meet clients’ needs, etc.)

The award level (Platinum, Gold or Silver) will be announced at the award ceremony held during the 2019 International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas.

Source: Best in American Living: Judging

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